Arkkan Capital is a Hong Kong based alternative asset manager focused on Asia Pacific markets.

Arkkan was founded by Jason Brown in 2013 and launched a credit focused, special situations fund in August 2014. Prior to founding Arkkan, Jason led Goldman Sachs’ Global Special Situations Group. Jason has 30 years’ experience investing in Asia Pacific and is regarded as one of the region’s most successful special situations investors.

Arkkan’s highly regarded analysts and best in class operations team enable the firm to source, underwrite and manage complex credit investments to global institutional standards.

The strategy invests in high yield performing, stressed and distressed situations through bonds, primary and secondary loans. Our investment process is driven by fundamental credit analysis and overlaid with portfolio hedges to limit the impact of large moves in credit spreads, interest rates and market volatility on portfolio performance.

Arkkan partners with institutional clients including sovereign wealth, corporate and public pension, family office and foundation investors based in the US, Asia Pacific and Europe.



    We believe there is no substitute for experience. Jason Brown’s career spans the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s, the global financial crisis of 2008-09, and several smaller cycles since. Our analysts have an average of 19 years’ credit and special situations experience. This knowledge is a competitive advantage when navigating the region’s credit markets and identifying investment opportunities within them.


    The firm has extensive networks of bankers, borrowers and issuers, lawyers, restructuring advisers and consultants across Asia Pacific. Our networks have been developed over decades of investing, providing the team with a sourcing and underwriting edge.


    Asia Pacific credit markets are growing, diverse and present varied investment opportunities over time. The breadth of our strategy ensures that we are not dependent on a specific investment environment to generate returns.


    Risk management is fundamental to Arkkan’s investment approach. We focus on understanding and mitigating the fundamental risks of positions, as well as macro-economic and market influences. We seek to minimize drawdowns during heightened market volatility and to capitalize on opportunities arising from periodic market dislocations. This positions the strategy to deliver attractive risk adjusted returns over time.


    Our team’s demonstrable track record of credit underwriting, investment structuring and debt workouts together with our operational and regulatory expertise, enable the firm to play a leading role in complex investments requiring specialist execution.